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Reliable partner

Luminus Mod was established with the aim to provide high quality nutraceuticals and natural products. With multiple health benefits validated through extensive research, we offer a wide range of products that cater to the food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and beverage sectors.

Luminus Mod
Luminus Mod


Luminus Mod manufactures and delivers finished formulations in the form of Capsules, Tablets, Powders, Liquids, Custom blends/Private Labeling that enable our customers to meet excellent value for money.


Luminus Mod has been successful on the market for the past 10 years with strong, experienced team in Nutraceutical & Botanical business, continuously improving production skill and quality.

Luminus Mod
Luminus Mod

One stop shop

Our best-known service is providing all-inclusive food supplement production. We provide everything from ingredient sourcing to packaging and filling. You receive a finished product with your label, or you can use some of our existing and well known products.

Luminus Mod Plants in a bottles

Nutraceutical ingredients & Botanical ingredients

We offer you:

  • High quality ingredients
  • Best competitive offer
  • Small minimum purchase quantities
  • Customized proprietary blend of herbs

Contract manufacturing
Private labeling solutions

We offer you:

  • Formulation & Development
  • Small MOQ
  • Short delivery time
  • All-inclusive production
  • Hard capsules, tablets, liquid food supplement
Luminus Mod green capsules
Hug Your Life Products

Ready-made products

You can implement our existing products in different ways depending on your business model and your choice:

  • In your existing portfolio / brand
  • Use our existing brand
  • Labeled with or without ingredient brand names
  • Small MOQ

Our mission, Our philosophy

Taking care of your health doesn’t have to be exhausting or time-consuming. Sometimes it is only necessary to motivate a person to make small lifestyle changes that will positively affect to the quality of life and his health.

Our philosophy stems from the fact that every our product must meet impeccable quality. We strictly adhere to the fact that all ingredients are standardized, effective and verified.

Thus, Hug Your Life products are full of active ingredients, which win over many customers whose satisfaction is evidenced by written online reviews. Pharmacists and expert sellers from specialized health food stores do not hide their satisfaction, and they recommend Hug Your Life food supplements because of the quality ingredients and affordable price.

Our mission is to continue to create new, competitive and value for money products that follow global health trends and that will provide your body with the most important and highest quality substances – natural extracts, vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Our goal is to improve the quality and healthy lifestyle and to provide help to everyone who wants to improve their health.

We promote this through the slogan of our brand – Hug Your Life.

Why Luminus Mod?

Luminus Mod why choose us
  • The time and cost efficiencies of dealing with direct suppliers and vendors
  • All inclusive service
  • A comprehensive product range featuring more than 200 items
  • Small minimum purchase quantities
  • Easy access to niche-market specialized products
  • The ease and efficiency of dealing with an experienced importer, which translates to greater predictability of delivery times
  • Assurance from regular and randomized testing

Our past, present and future are based upon reliability, quality, competitive price and on-time delivery, we will do our best to become your faithful partner.